2015 Goals

An omni-preliminary (which is like super-preliminary or mega-preliminary, only moreso) look at my obstacle course race plans for 2015.

2015 plans

If you can’t read that, and you probably can’t (seriously… who taught me to handwrite?), above the line is the Spartan races I’m currently thinking of doing. Specifically the stadium sprint at the Mets stadium, the sprint in Indianapolis, the Virginia Super, and the Carolina Beast.

The Mets sprint is the closest to a sure thing; my brother is a runner and a Mets fan, and when I posted on Facebook bragging about running 10K for the first time ever, he invited me to a triathalon where the run was 10K, and I counter-suggested an obstacle course race (I think a Super somewhere on Long Island, but I don’t remember for sure), and he counter-counter suggested this one. It’ll also be my nephew’s second birthday, which isn’t exactly justification, but I’m happy to count it that way.

The other three… well, 4 seems like the right number of OCRs for me to plan for next year (up from 2 this year, and ever), and I feel like a trifecta would be a tough but possible goal. And an eminently salable, extremely inspirational hook for an orgasmically lucrative book.

Also, those are dates that likely would work nicely, training-wise (and being-able-to-have-some-break-in-between-wise).

Below the line are some goals for next year. In other words, things I’d like to be able to successfully complete, since I had to either burpee or get assistance at them this year. More goals will come, but I’m still a bit mushy about planning them. (25-minute 5K, maybe?)



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