Thanksgiving, or How to Get Sick and Register for Spartan Races

It’s been a tough week. Not due to any tragedy, just because over the Thanksgiving break I got nicely ill and haven’t felt terribly good since then.

I’m not really particularly susceptible to illness when traveling, and since I got fairly serious about working out I’ve noticed that I haven’t been getting sick all that much at all. But Thanksgiving was kind of a perfect storm of situations: It came immediately after I had done another trip, and both of them required very early morning wake-ups, and both of them took place on days when the weather had taken a significant shift for the colder. The cumulative effect was that I was pretty much not my normal charming self (Note: that is a joke. My self is rarely charming and never normal) as I flew to visit my brother, and then we all drove across two states to visit his parents-in-law and a large part of their extended family.

It’s hard to know how much I’ve recovered; I think entirely but one of the things about winter is that I’m going to have a low-grade runny nose from now until May, so I’m not entirely thrilled about things.

Anyhow, I did make a couple of bits of progress toward my race goals, in that I registered for my first two Spartan races (of hopefully four) next year. I’ll be at Citi Field, New York, and Indianapolis.

They’re only a week apart, which is not normally how I’d like to do things. However, they are kind of serving different functions for me. Citi Field is a stadium sprint that I’ll be running with my brother—who is a Mets fan, and a runner, although he’s never done any obstacle course racing. So it’s more of a social event for me. Not that I won’t be trying to climb the walls, or do the traverse wall, or climb the rope—in fact, that race will probably be the better opportunity for those, since no mud will be involved. But there will also be times when I’m splitting burpees with my brother, and possibly helping him over the wall, and so on.

Indy will be my first outdoor Spartan race, although I did one other outdoor OCR last year. It’ll be a bit more “pure” of a race for me, since I won’t be with anyone. On the other hand, I also won’t have anything to compare it to, so the “race” portion won’t be too clear, apart from the whole “do your best, try not to fall off of anything” bit.

What can I say? I’m looking forward to them.

Paul Blart 2 poster

Unlike this, to which I say, “shit thrice.” (I saw the original. It was on a plane. I really wish that was the worst movie I’d ever seen on a plane, but it wasn’t. I saw Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! on a plane as well. It was with my parents. They decided to make out instead of watching. It was weird.)


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