Holiday Anxiety

I really hate this time of year.

SOP for the holidays for me is visiting family: My brother’s in-laws at Thanksgiving, and my parents at Christmas.

I should stop doing that second one.

There are a lot of issues involved, which I might delve into at some point, but for now, let’s just say that the relationship continues only because of biology, and that it has strained biology more than Todd Akin.

Anyhow, it always leads to a lot of anxiety, and for me, that typically leads to eating junk. This year it’s been particularly bad. It started probably a week before Thanksgiving and it will end (hopefully) the day after I get home.

I feel massive and bloated and gross and like my athletic performance (such as it is) has collapsed. Workouts, especially for the past couple weeks, have felt extraordinarily tough, even though they’ve been pretty typical in terms of what we’ve been doing. I’m kind of terrified for when I get home and have to make a critical assessment of where I am relative to my goals—those May races will seem a lot closer once the calendar says 2015.

It’s probably too late to do much this year, but for the future, does anyone have any ideas about countering this anxiety-related gorging? Whatever my strategy was this year, it failed miserably, so I’m looking ahead to next year.

(Unless I can somehow bait my mom into an evil and blatantly and provably untrue political rant, and then point out that it’s evil and blatantly and provably untrue, and then she tells me to never speak to her again, and this time I make the correct choice in response to that situation, in which case it all becomes moot.)


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