As the worst of winter is about to set in (we’re dropping to 0 degrees for the next few days!), what could better warm the cockles of our collective hearts than a metapost about the links you see in the right-hand sidebar?

[Pause for raucous cheering, ecstatic speaking in tongues, and that girl who always flashes the crowd her obviously purchased breasts at music festivals to flash her obviously purchased breasts.]

[Pause over.]

Anyhow, there are two categories of links over there. The bottom one, “Unevaluated OCR & Fitness Stuff” is stuff I’ve found that seems like it might be relevant, but that I haven’t really reviewed in great detail yet. I’ll probably keep the ones that are related to OCR but that aren’t particularly in line with my interests there once I have reviewed them thoroughly, as long as I don’t consider them actively annoying or harmful or destructive to society.

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps DVD

I love Britcoms, but I do have standards. This one didn’t meet mine. (Which is horrifying, because Come Back Mrs. Noah did.)

The upper collection of links, however, are things that I actually use, or people I actually know, or horses I’ve actually ridden. These are therefore personal recommendations, and they absolutely positively cannot be bought. (Unless someone tries, in which case they could probably be bought fairly reasonably. I’m a writer, so I could be bought with two pints of lager and a packet of crisps—either the form of adult refreshment, or the long-running but critically reviled BBC series.)

The links that are there now are:

Active Couch to 5K and Zombies, Run!: Apps that I’ve used in my running programs, as previously discussed.

Enrgi Fitness: My main gym, and the one I like a lot. It’s all group exercise classes, which works really well for me, and the trainers are really awesome as well.

Trainer Nik: A pal and workout buddy who qualified as a personal trainer last year. She’s doesn’t fit the female trainer stereotype of the perfectly shaped woman wearing midriff-exposing Spandex. Like me, she’s got a bigger frame and used to be much bigger; also her biceps can crush your face like a blueberry. I always hesitate to use the word “inspirational”—that’s not a concept I exactly believe in—but I’m glad that the story is being represented. (Also check out her “Diary of a Fat Girl” and Real Faces of Fitness” series on her Facebook page.)

Secret Recipe Club: A good source of recipes. Basically, contributors review other food bloggers to bring their favorite recipes up to the blog proper. It’s an eclectic mix, so you need to use common sense in evaluating whether their fitness-compatibility, but recipes from there have joined my repertoire.

asweatlife: Chicago fitness news, also notable for its Ninja Warrior Sweatworking event.

If you’ve got a link you want posted here, let me know in comments or by tweeting @groovesplat. And if you want to pay me to post a link here, also do that but do it faster.


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