Sunday Mockery: A Possible New Feature

I’ve decided (or at least, considered the possibility that) it would behoove me to be more aggressive in my non-reverence. In that spirit, and in what may become a new regular thing here at Fat Boy Big Wall, allow me to provide some gentle mockery of the OCR world. (And see below for my justifications, and my worries, and other random brain-explosions.)

The bits:

Muckfest Tweet announcing The Bachelor involvment
Muckfest Facebook post announcing the Bachelor

Is it really wise to share mud pits with the VD-riddled cast of The Bachelor? That’s a crew with enough strains of gonorrhea to save Tinkerbell.

Warrior Dash "follower" post

Show you’re not a follower… by following us!

The concerns

If I may brain dump, let me express my concerns. Basically, snark is fun and all, unless it’s aimed at you. Then, it might be fun, but it might not be. In a former job, I was (by a weird mix of circumstances) a significant conduit to the public, in addition to holding the actual, professional position with functions that had to be done. So I was the recipient of a lot of humor, and a lot of “humor,” and a lot of outright hostility that targeted me because I was a convenient representative of the organization, even though I generally had nothing to do with the subject of the complaint. Being targeted constantly like that massively sucked, and several years of it had a lot to do with how fat I got. So I’m leery of doing that to another person.

Of course, I’m making fun of marketing efforts, which are often inherently absurd. I know this as both a recipient (I once got a press release whose only announcement was that the company had just returned from a major trade show. It was issued about three weeks after said trade show, so either they traveled by koalaback or they ran into a very drunk Doctor Who on the way.) and producer of marketing (checking the math on the statistical reports that employer issued used to chill me to the bone).

My sense of humor tends toward the absurd, so my mockery will in general go at diagonals away from the posts I mock, rather than directly at their heart. (Unless, of course, I detect malice—including that nefarious, doe-eyed “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone so I’m sorry if you were offended” bullshit that is so prevalent among assholes.) That, and the fact that I am giving the mock-ees a Twitter favorite and a link to boost their social media engagement stats, is how I’m justifying my actions in my mind. Even so, I’m not 100% sure that’s right, and my policy may change. If you’ve got feedback, let me know in comments.



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