Sunday Mockery: Passive Aggressive edition

I am suspicious of the number of people who have given up my blog for Lent. #runchatThis is the first Sunday Mockery feature-ee that I’m sharing out of admiration. See, on Twitter (and other social media), a lot of people will make these passive-aggressive pleas for retweets: “RT if you support our military!” “RT if you love Jesus!” “RT if you don’t believe in killing babies for sport!” — with the implication that if you decline to artificially boost their social media stats, then you are a Bad Person who Does Not/Does sufficiently like a Thing that is Good/Evil.  That general concept isn’t unique to the interwebs—remember when “patriotism” in potential political leaders was “determined” through the presence and size of the American flag lapel pin?—but Twitter is a natural home.

One could argue that this one has a twinge of that—but it’s also funny. Which is what got me to visit the blog, and got it added to my sidebar, and made it one I think I’ll be watching even though it seems to be running- rather than OCR-focused. So, you know, well done.

So you're on #Twitter... BUTT are you following #killcliff? Make it happen.Unlike this one. Now, to be honest, I first saw this on my phone, and the picture didn’t fully show. So I just thought it was a typo, and while I’m not a fan of grammar Nazi-ing in general, there is a difference between typos slipping into a sizeable, deadline-pressed publication and a 76-character tweet that a company paid to display to non-followers, and so my extraordinarily witty comment was that apparently asses are now conjunctions.

Then preparing this post I saw that “BUTT” was actually a… pun, I guess? Maybe they’re trying to visually describe the product’s taste? I don’t know. I’ve spent way too much of my life thinking about it. Unlike…

You Could Win $7,000.00 a Week for Life on 4/30 It's FREE to ENTER!… Publishers Clearing House, which apparently still exists, and which is doing well enough at convincing people they’ll win money that they can buy sponsored tweets to remind people that they exist. Although I think perspective may be being used for dodgy purposes here. I suspect that boat could actually fit into my bathtub, which as you may recall, is not quite large enough for me to fit into.

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