Monthly Goals: Progress But Not Perfect

Richard Ayoade eating a banana.

“These goals are a marathon. You need to keep your energy up or you’re gonna flag in the last quarter.”—Richard Ayoade, Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2014.

My goals for February were posted here. As with last month, I didn’t make any of them, but progress was a lot better than in January. Specifically:

Weight: 255 pounds. I ended the month at 259.5. While day-to-day measurements can vary a lot, I’m inclined to consider this fairly accurate—I weigh myself daily to try to smooth out variations, and there haven’t been any big shifts. So that’s something.

Push-ups: 50 consecutive. I started at 21 and ended at 36. This is the one that getting sick really hurt—there were several days where I was feeling bad enough that I didn’t workout at all, and then several more where I was still feeling some after-effects, with congestion having a bit of impact on breathing and endurance. So this one kind of got abandoned mid-month. I’m planning to keep chipping away at it, but not in a “monthly goal” format.

Try 4 new recipes: I wound up doing 3, which isn’t terrible. None of them are likely to enter my rotation. This goal was a little bit flawed in that it discouraged other cooking. I live alone, so cooking typically creates several meals’ worth of food, so if I decided to cook I had to make sure not to do something I had made before so it would count—which kind of misses the point. Still, something useful happened.

12 job applications: I did 8, all of them in the latter half of the month. Plus I’ve got 3 more in the hopper to do today. So while not technically a made goal, this one is going much better than last month.

And now, the goals for March:

Weight: I’ll set a goal of 252.36. That’s a 7-day average, representing an 8-pound loss form February 28.

Running: With a pair of OCRs coming up in May, I need to start training running in earnest. For March, I want to build my endurance up to where I can do typical 5K training routes. I’m not anticipating any real difficulty with this—assuming we ever get above freezing. I’ve done a little bit of treadmill work, getting up to 14 minutes consecutively without any real trouble.

Climbing: There are a pair of routes at the climbing gym that I’d like to successfully complete. Both are in what’s termed “the cave.” One of them is more climbing sideways than up, and it’s tricky (for me) because the footholds aren’t great—there are several places where either there is only one small foothold to support yourself so you need to switch feet while keeping yourself up using just the hand grips, or where they’re placed so you have to get either hands or feet ahead of the other. I’ve gotten partway through the problem, but not finished it. The other one is my favorite route so far: It climbs up a wall before going into a horizontal section where you’re hanging parallel to the ground. Then you’re supposed to get around a lip to a final grip on a vertical section of wall again. My plan is to finish both of them by the end of the month.

Sloth Walk: Sort of related to climbing: My gym has a set of monkey bars, and recently it introduced a sloth walk exercise: Basically, it’s crawling on all fours, only upside down. I’ll video myself and post tomorrow (UPDATE! See here for video). It’s harder than it sounds—but probably easier than I make it look—and the sensation is a lot like the horizontal part of the cave. Currently I can go 4 or 5 rungs; my goal is to go 10 by the end of the month.

12 job applications: Again.

“Veteran” goals: I don’t want to abandon the 50 push-up goal from February, or the 5 pull-up goal from January, even though I don’t necessarily want to focus on them on a daily or near-daily basis. So I’ll see if trying them out periodically but not daily has an impact.



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