Monthly Goals: Didn’t Stick the Landing

You can see my March goals here. It was a relatively good month, which is kind of surprising—I don’t feel like I’ve been 100% in a long time. I was sick for a while, then had back pain, then forearm pain, and now shoulder pain. And as is my way, I’d like to report how I did here:

Weight: Goal was a 7-day average of 252.36 pounds, and this month fell short—the 7-day average is 258.214. This was skewed a bit, though. I had one of my little breakdowns at the end of the month, so the scale reading is currently probably a bit bloated.

Running: My goal was simply to build endurance up to where I could do a 5K, which I did do. In fact, my last run was 6 kilometers, and the 5K was done in 27:25, which was roughly the fastest pace I would have done a training run at the end of last year. So that’s a good sign.

Climbing: There were two cave routes that I wanted to complete, and I didn’t achieve either of them—but I don’t think I can claim that as my fault. See, I now know that the climbing gym re-sets routes pretty regularly, and while I made progress on both of them, the two routes that I wanted to complete were re-set about halfway through the month and no longer exist. Wah-wah.

Sloth walk: My goal was to go 10 rungs, and given that I wasn’t able to work on it as regularly as I would have liked, I was pretty surprised when I made it. Video proof is hopefully to come.

Job applications: I only did 4 this month, and this goal isn’t quite working overall—I’m being a bit more selective in what I’m applying for, since each application is time-consuming and soul-destroying. I did get a job interview this month, however, which is what triggered the mini-breakdown at the end of the month. Overall, though, I’m also going to stop talking about job-hunting here, as there’s some indications that the blog is being more read and I’d like my current job to not stumble across it and sack me before I have something else in place.

My next set of goals is going to be a bit different, since I’m working toward Spartan Races in early May. So these goals will cover 2 months, more or less.

Weight: The goal will be 248.214 as a 7-day average for the first race on May 9.

Running: I want to continue building endurance, both for the immediate sprints and hopefully a Super and Beast later this year. By the first race, I want to up the long training run to 10K. (Which I’ve done precisely once before.)

Obstacles: My goal has been a burpee-free run with unassisted wall climbs at the Citi Field stadium sprint. I’m not sure how feasible that is given my current status. At the stadium sprint I did last year, I needed help to get over the three walls and failed the traverse wall, rope climb, and spear throw. Based on where I am now, I think the walls and the traverse wall are likely successes, I’m not sure I’ll be able to climb the rope, and the spear throw is a crapshoot. (Is there anywhere in Chicago where you can learn to throw a spear?)

I’m also doing the Indiana (yeah, I know) sprint the week after. I don’t have specific goals for that one, since it’s my first outdoor Spartan and I don’t know how the elements will affect things. Basically, I’d like to feel good about what I did, but I can’t really define it better.

Long ride: In the couple of post-race weeks of May, there’s a long bike ride I’d like to do. It’s from my place to the south end of the Lakefront Path in Chicago, then up north to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, and then home. It’s about 50-60 miles, and it would be a nice little goal to have as an interlude between the sprints and gearing up to train for the rest of the year’s races.

Edited because I forgot two goals for this monthish period:

Climbing: There are a pair of problems that I’ve made progress on that I’m hoping to complete before they get reset. Both are graded at V2 (difficulty starts at V0 and goes up), although grading is more art than science—my last goals were a V0 and V1 respectively, and I thought those were probably both harder than these two. The routes—which won’t mean much to you, but I can hopefully describe them in an amusing way—are the one that starts with a swing and that has a tricky brain-shaped grip near the end that always trips me up, and the one that goes around the corner of the cave but never actually goes in.

Handstand: I’ve been working on a handstand, on and off, for at least a year. I can hold one pretty well against the wall when I climb my legs up, but kicking into it has been a sticking point. So I’d like to get unstuck on that this period.


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