The Final Descent?

Something about having taxes done or being able to bike without a jacket on or who knows what makes my planned Spartan Races (Citi Field on May 9, “Indianapolis,” which isn’t particularly close to the city, on May 16) suddenly seem imminent.

In a lot of ways, I wish they weren’t. I’m not sure my training is where I want it to be. Certainly today I feel fat and weak and broken. That’s kind of understandable—I’ve been slightly sick since Wednesday, and I am thinking that maybe resting as much as I was to try to get it out of my system before it became anything truly annoying might have been a mistake. Sleep is important to kill illness, and while I went to bed early last week, I didn’t sleep well, probably because I didn’t do much all day so I wasn’t tired. I also had a weird heel pain that arrived pretty suddenly on Wednesday and was bad enough I couldn’t walk without limping for a day.

Hopefully the illness is playing itself out, and the heel definitely seems better. So I’m hoping the timing of these minor setbacks is a blessing in disguise—I’ve got three weeks until the first race, which is a good amount of time to be thoroughly serious about preparation. I’m hoping that these issues will resolve themselves and I’ll be able to approach the races in the best possible health, and feeling like myself.

One more obvious potential speedbump, though: After a few weeks of extremely quiet work, things have gotten absolutely crazy in the past week. Plus I accepted one of the worst-timed freelance gigs in human history. So that adds stress and time management complications to an already worried situation—since, yeah, I can put a positive spin on it, but I’m scared that something else is going to start hurting for no apparent reason, since that’s been the way things have been for the past month and a half.

Hmm… Didn’t mean to get all glum on a Sunday night. Let me brighten it up a bit: I officially registered for the Chicago Super in August. That will certainly make my credit card company happy. And if you can’t make the credit card company happy, who can you make happy?


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