Repurposing OCR Bling: My Kentucky Derby Hat

There was a fairly sizable horse race yesterday, and I went to a party to commemorate it. (Actually, it was a fundraiser for a friend’s theater company, only said theater company is almost undoubtedly done, so the fundraiser was to take care of the legal expenses to close it down. Theater!)

Anyhow, apparently the Kentucky Derby is an occasion upon which people wear hats. And I always respect sartorial tradition, so I came up with this (click for full-sized version):

My Kentucky Derby HatI’ll admit that it lacks a certain amount of structural integrity. I was able to wear it, although it flopped over, so for photographic purposes to (sort of) be able to see it all, I’m holding it like this. It consists of: The Old Spice guy on a horse on an elephant on a dog on an octopus on a Warrior Dash hat. And while it probably won’t show up well, the Old Spice Guy is saying “I’m on a horse on an elephant on a dog on an octopus on a Viking!”

Drink dispenser

Like this, only one that’s been in use for long enough that the plastic is good and yellowed.

It went over very well, even though it was a theater crew and not an OCR group. I don’t think the group was terribly invested in the Derby. Also, mint juleps are a grossly overrated drink, particularly if they are dispensed from the same machines that dispense red Fruut Punch in diners.

And, apparently, I need to slightly eat my words. I’ve said before that I don’t completely understand why people get so up-in-arms about OCR medals/sweatbands/hats/stuffed rutabegas/etc. I still agree with that statement, but I have to admit, the Warrior Dash horns really helped to sell the look. Plus, the only other hat I own is Canadian, so…

One disappointing thing about the hat (sort of): I’ve been massively busy for the past two weeks—my job has kind of exploded with deadlines—so I wasn’t able to create the hat much in advance. Specifically: I made it using safety pins while I was riding the el to the party.

That’s not the disappointing thing. The disappointing thing was that I got zero strange looks. The sight of somebody stabbing pins into stuffed animals and attaching them to a fuzzy viking helmet doesn’t register as a weird thing on Chicago’s public transit. And this was on the train that connected the suburbs to Wrigley Field on a day when the Cubs were in town.

I guess people from Evanston are just jaded.


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