Fat Boy Big Wall on Obstacle Racing Media

Have you always thought, “Boy, I love reading what Fat Boy Big Wall writes, but boy do I hate reading it on fatboybigwall.com?” Well, you are now in luck, because I’ve just published a comedy article, “Obstacle Race Themes to Run From,” on Obstacle Racing Media. If anything, it’s probably more accessible than the stuff I write here—I made an effort to drop the needlessly esoteric stuff that I enjoy and can therefore justify posting on a personal site.

For example, I was seriously considering including “The Jedward Race” as a theme to run from, but I figured most people don’t watch as much British TV as I do and therefore wouldn’t know who Jedward are (is?).*

Or, in the Muddy Math Run, my original sample obstacle failure penalty idea was the Infinite Sum Run, where you have to run one foot, and then two feet, and so on and so on until you’ve run the number of feet equal to the sum of all positive integers. Which, naturally enough, is -1/12 feet, because infinite sets are weird. But how do you explain that without completely effing up the flow of the piece? I’m really happy with the Miss Johnson gag, but it still hurt to cut the infinite sum joke, which is why I’m so pleased to be able to share it here.

Some other housekeeping notes:

  • If you’re coming here from the ORM article, welcome! Hope you take a look around, enjoy stuff, etc. and so on. Fat Boy Big Wall is either me, a bulky newbie obstacle course racer who hopes to successfully climb the 8-foot walls unaided, or this site, where I write funny stuff about training for and running obstacle course races. I’m hoping to ultimately write a book—a funny, demented take on the inspirational memoir genre—and that will be easier if millions and billions of people are already reading what I write. So if the book deal never goes through, really, it’s on you.
  • Whether you’re coming here from ORM or you’re a long-time fan, there are some good ways to keep up with Fat Boy Big Wall (either the person or the site). On Twitter, you can follow me—I’m @groovesplat there. Or on Facebook, you can like the brand-spanking new Fat Boy Big Wall page.

Hopefully, this will be the start of a long, entertaining, and *ahem* profitable relationship.

*Incidentally, Jedward are/is a pair of Irish twins who are officially singers but whose career is actually built on being hyperactive morons. This picture tells you just about all you need to know:

JedwardThere’s a reason they look like that, and it’s because they’re hyperactive morons. (Although it is also entirely possible that they stuck their heads in the vacuum cleaner. That’s the kind of thing they would do.)


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