So, the #WhyIRace hashtag is a thing, promoted by Spartan race to build user engagement or some such marketing purpose. My reasons are myriad, including fitness, fun, and to have an excuse to periodically not stare at my computer. And, of course, these:

$75 beers are the best beers

Especially when the beer is mud-infused.

I didn't like those shoes

Chow down, muddy earth god! Creative Commons image by Brad Armentor, https://www.flickr.com/photos/barmentor/9052892575/

My mom still does my laundry... and I hate her.

This isn’t true. My mom doesn’t do my laundry. My dad does. Creative Commons image by Rahzel, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obstacle_racing#/media/File:Obstacle_race_1.jpg

I will NEVER stop seething.

You know it’s serious—I put “Gate” on the end of a thing.

Waterborne parasites keep me thin.

The museum I volunteer at once had an exhibit on parasites. Horribly, but appropriately, it included a series of videos to guide people through the exhibit… hosted by Carrot Top. Creative Commons image by Debivort, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mud_pit_and_sulphur_vents,_Hverir.jpg

Think these are bad? There were a couple that didn’t make the cut. One was about “helping” people over obstacles that got way too creepy (it was a bit too stranger’s ass-centric), and one was about nipples and capes that got awfully body-shamy. But if you’ve got better funny reasons #WhyYouRace, share them in the comments.

Or on Facebook… you can get to Fat Boy Big Wall on Facebook too. So do that.


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