Monthly Goals: Huh?

It’s been two months since I’ve established my monthly goals, since most of what I was interested in was centered around the Citi Field and Indianapolis Spartan Sprints that took place mid-May. And since then I’ve been crazy-busy with work, traveling for those two races, and a bit ill for a while (happily, I now seem to feel better than I have in quite a while). As a result, I don’t really have any memory of what my goals were or how I did. So this post will be an adventure! (Yikes, that’s the saddest sentence I’ve ever written. It’s worse than the time I inadvertently described “riding on the CTA Yellow Line” as an adventure.)


Weight: Goal was to have a 248.214 7-day average on May 9. As has happened throughout the year, I didn’t make that goal—although I did drop a little bit of weight from the start of the goal period. In other words, there’s been progress this year, but it’s been frustratingly slow.

Running: My goal was to up my long training run to 10K, which I did accomplish. Though I regretted it; my training was overall a bit less than I’d hoped, so even though I finished the 10K, the last couple were absolute pain. Time was 57:25, which is a PR (in that it was faster than the one other time I ran a 10K.) Trouble is, after the Sprints, I have been resting and need to rebuild the running endurance.

Obstacles: I wanted to do a burpee-free run at Citi Field with unassisted wall climbs. That didn’t happen. I made it over the 6-foot wall on my own, but not the 8-footers, and I had burpees on the rope climb and spear throw.

A Long Bike Ride: Buwhahahahahahahaha! I had the idea of biking round trip from my place to the south end of the Lakefront Path to the Chicago Botanic Gardens to my place—probably a 60-70 mile ride—as an easy recovery-type thing to do after the races. Given poor weather, business, illness, and the fact that I haven’t been able to do nearly enough biking to build up to the backsideal fortitude to do that ride, it was a non-starter from the beginning.

Climbing: There were a pair of problems I was hoping to solve at the bouldering gym. One I nicknamed the brain swinger, since it started with a bit of a swing and ended with a tricky brain-shaped grip. That’s the one that I completed. The other, which skirted the corner of the cave but never really went in, got re-set pretty early in the goal period so I did not complete it.

Handstand: I wanted to be able to kick-up to a handstand against the wall, which didn’t really happen. But it sort of did. There were a few times when I kicked my legs up and they did actually hit the wall, but I couldn’t control the movement and fell out immediately. So I can’t really count that, even though it is progress.

My goals for June are:

Weight: My 7-day average this morning was 253.786. Let’s drop that to 248.786 by the end of the month.

Pants: I’ve got a pair of size 38 pants that have recently been slightly overly tight. It’s possible that they fit already, but I’d like to make sure they fit by the end of the month.

Handstand: The kick-up is too close to give up on; I’m pretty sure this will happen this month.

Monkey Bars: My gym has a 25-rung monkey bar setup, which I haven’t really used too much lately. My ultimate goal is to get down and back, but for this month I’m going to try to get 30 rungs total.

Running: In preparation for the Chicago Super (8+ miles), I need to get my running going again. 10K will be my official goal for the long run this month, but I’m hoping I can get a bit further than that. That’ll all depend on how my body feels, though—I also need to not hurt myself by trying to do more than I am really capable of.

Stability: I don’t know how this is going to work. But this year has been marked by 2 steps forward, 1 7/8 steps back—I’ve had some mini-emotional-breakdowns an average of every two or three weeks or so. As summer comes, things should be a bit easier—the ability to get outside is really helpful to me. This month, I’ll make an extra effort to control my emotions this month and keep my brain in a bit less destructive of a state.

Climbing: This one is yet to come and may not happen this month. I went climbing for the first time in a while yesterday—in fact, the entire gym had been reset since I’d been there last. Nothing really stood out as a good goal, though—I think most of the routes are due to be reset again in the next couple of weeks. So there may be a goal here in the next couple of weeks—we’ll see.


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