Monthly Goals, Part 1: Fuck

Last month was awful.

The mini-emotional-breakdowns that have marked this year (and the past several years) lasted pretty much all month. It’s not, I don’t think, much fun to read about, so I won’t write about it much either—but it was pretty bad to live through too.

So here’s the June review:

Weight: Goal was a 7-day average of 248.786. Actual 7-day average at the end of the month was 259.85, making this the first month this year where it went the wrong direction—and it went that way by a lot. Weight is a pretty good indicator of my overall mood, really, and it’s by far the most important of the goals that I write about here, and that’s unfortunate.

Pants: I wanted to fit into a pair of size 38 pants. I did, although I think I safely fit into them at the start of the month.

Handstand: My goal was to successfully kick up into a handstand at the wall. This seemed to be a backwards step; I was closer to making it last month than this month. Especially at the end of the month, when things got bad and also I wasn’t able to go to the gym as frequently due to a freelance gig that kept me tethered to my computer. So I didn’t make this goal.

Monkey Bars: My goal was to swing 30 rungs, and I made that. So that’s something. But it happened pretty early in the month, which suggests that the goal wasn’t really challenging enough.

Running: My goal was to do a 10K run, which I did. But in the week since then, I feel like all of my running ability has collapsed—there was an attempt where I couldn’t even make myself run a single kilometer straight.

Stability: As noted above, this was a complete disaster.

Climbing: I think I only actually managed to get to the climbing gym once this month, if at all—due to a variety of factors. So no goal got set here.

I haven’t given any consideration to goals this month—or, more likely, goals for the Chicago Super in mid-August. When I get the chance to think about them, probably over the holiday weekend, I’ll do so.


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