A Slightly Awkward Special Workout

Yesterday I was in Phoenix, which gave me the opportunity to try a new gym. I went to Bodi for a morning workout.

Me, at Bodi, with boxes in the background.

Me, at Bodi, with boxes in the background.

I should make clear: This wasn’t me stopping in at some random gym one town over from the city where I was staying. Nikki, the owner, was a trainer at my gym before she moved to Scottsdale. So I have known her for a few years, and wanted to be able to see her new place—if under awkward circumstances.

Awkward? A bit. The reason I was in town, sadly, was a funeral. Not a direct connection to me—it was for a very good friend’s mother—so I was there mainly in a support role, and I was able to take time out the morning of the funeral to attend the class. Still, there’s a lot of mood whiplash when people ask you why you’re in town and you explain it and then you both start some jumping jacks as a warm-up. But we were all grown-ups, and we got past that weirdness pretty quickly.

Anyhow, Nikki’s got a nice setup. Nothing too fancy, but the gym is well-appointed with toys like dumbbells, boxes, battle ropes, medicine balls, pull-up bars, and giant tires. And knowing Nikki, I knew that the class would be good. The format was fast-paced, rotating between several stations, and each station had a pair of exercises to switch between. In between stations we either ran or burpeed. And at the end, there was a special challenge—hanging from the pull-up bar, chin above the bar, for as long as possible. The challenges rotate every week, cycling through every couple of months or so.

Nikki and I hanging at Bodi

This was after the chin up hold challenge. We didn’t intentionally dress alike; I brought my extremely blue pants simply on a whim.

There was not really much too surprising, in a good way. A tough, intense, and fun workout. It’s nice to confirm that the gym is as good as I expected, though. And to reconnect with the only Women’s Fitness cover model I know.

Women's Health cover

(Nikki’s on the far left.)

Yes, Nikki is in the running for the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star. So vote for her. Every day.



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