Monthly goals: Lack of Commitment

It was another rough month for goals. I wish I understood… not why, things have been so rough, but how to overcome the reason. There hasn’t been much in the past couple of months to be excited about—the fitness goals were kind of abstract concepts without any real stakes. And while I don’t want to talk much about the career here, it’s going unwell, and has been for many years. So how do you stay positive when there’s nothing to aim at?

Hopefully this month will be better—I’ve got a race, at least, and maybe two. It doesn’t solve the underlying life issue, but it at least serves as a distraction.

Anyhow, last month’s goals:

Me at top of the rope

I can’t believe I climbed the whole thing!

Rope Climbing: Technically I didn’t make this goal until two days late, but I’m going to count it. And here’s documentation! Incidentally, if you want to learn, here’s the Youtube video that I used to figure out the technique. It’s not as hard as I thought it was, but I’m very glad I practiced—much like climbing a wall, climbing a rope is a weird sensation and puts you in a strange position that you’re not accustomed to. It took me about three times practicing before I actually got the technique down.

Handstand: I didn’t even really work on this much at all.

Running: This was weird. I got up to 12K, which is a record for me, and then for the next two weeks absolutely none of my runs worked—like I couldn’t force myself to run more than a couple minutes. The goal was 15K. Probably the general bummedness played a big part in that.

Sloth Walk: Goal was 15 rungs; I got up to 11. I really didn’t work it a whole lot.

Weight: I wanted to undo the damage of the previous month and get down to 250. It didn’t happen.

My goals for August:

Weight: Drop the 7-day average to 253.

Rope Climb: Since I can theoretically climb a rope now, I’d like to not have to do those 30 burpees at the Spartan Super in two weeks. I’m not sure if it’ll happen, since the race has a couple complications (starting in waist-deep mudwater and having at least some degree of fatigue when it happens), but I think the odds should be about 50-50.

Enjoyment: I want to have fun at the Spartan Race. And also the Badass Dash, which I haven’t technically registered for, but I’m about to. This is not as given as you might expect: I didn’t really enjoy the Indianapolis Sprint. I’m frankly kind of scared: We’ve finally settled into a mostly-dry weather pattern (with the exception of yesterday) in Chicago, but what if we get a few days of rainstorms leading up to the race and the course condition is as bad as Indy was? Indy took me 4 hours; projecting would make the Super take 8. At some point, I could see myself doing an 8-hour challenge, but I frankly don’t want this to be it. I’m going to try to have as much a positive attitude leading up to the event and at it, and not worry too much about running at the fastest possible speed I can do.

Climbing: This goal will be two-pronged: First, there are two brand-new problems at my level within the “cave” section of the wall that I’d like to master. And then, I’d like to climb something green. (Green is the color of the routes that are one level of difficulty up from where I am at—so my goal is to climb at least one route at that level.)

Monkey Bars: 40 rungs. Sure!

Dad’s Little Book of Rage: OK, this will take some explanation. I’ve got a project that’s been mulling around in the back of my head for a while, a book that I’ve written but that requires illustration. The illustration is an issue, as I don’t know how to draw. I stumbled upon the idea of making construction-paper collages, and I’ve done a few, and… I don’t hate it. So my goal for the month is to knock out 15 of these illustrations.



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