Lift and Drag

Every person is an airplane. He or she exists to soar, but must simultaneously face the forces of gravity that seek to tether him or her to the ground. It is the interplay between these forces, the ones that lift up and drag down, that define a person. Except that it’s weight that pulls an airplane down; drag is a form of air resistance that pushes it backward. I really shouldn’t try for metaphor on this blog.

I’m in kind of a weird situation. I’m a lot more enthused after the Super this weekend than before it.

That’s actually a good thing. I mean, it sucked being sucky the way I was sucking before hand, but that’s a sunck cost. (Too far?) So anything better than that is better.

I wish I’d been enthused leading up to the race—the results might have been a bit better. My motivation flagged a lot in the three months between events. The forces of drag (okay, weight) have been accumulating (mostly the quantity of time I spend glaring at a computer screen in the service of a cause that, while useful, is frustratingly inefficient and one that I have no passion for, as well as the continuing failure of my attempts to rectify that problem), and there hasn’t been much in the way of lift to counter it.

But the race, bizarrely, did provide a nice jolt of lift. That’s despite or maybe because I didn’t run the way I wanted to. It gave me a bit of motivation to do better next time.

However, it also showed that there’s a good chance my approach was wrong. One of my overall goals for this year was to do a limited number of races—just to do a Trifecta, plus the one Sprint with my brother. That resulted in the long period between races—which also helped to result in the long period of minimal lift and lots of weightdrag.

Meanwhile, a trifecta probably isn’t a worthwhile goal for me to do right now. I think I could complete a beast, but I don’t think I could complete it in a way that I would like to. So, instead, I’m going to try to do more races from different companies. (That was, in fact, my original thought for next year, but I’m gonna speed it up.) I’ve got three events planned in the next two months, and hopefully they will help to keep my motivation up. Admittedly, only one is an OCR—one’s a 5K that’s also a fundraiser for the museum where I volunteer, while the third is a 200-mile relay through Kentucky. But nevertheless…

Hopefully the results will be less repulsing than the mud apparently was for me in this photo from the weekend.

Me being really grossed out by mud at the 2015 Chicago Super

I apparently didn’t expect there to be mud.


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