10 Reasons to Try an OCR

My monthly goal wrap-up/setting post is coming, when I get some energy (I’ve had a bit of a bug this week, or I’m whining about the megaheat, or something). But in the meantime, here’s a post that I wrote for Sportody on 10 reasons to try an obstacle course race. #10 is unusually sentimental for me.

#8, meanwhile, I’m surprised stayed in. It did get edited slightly—I had a note about feeling free to enjoy the view, as long as you do so in a non-creepy way, which got cut (with my full support). But I wrote it expecting to be asked to replace it, and I even offered to in my submission. Not that I disagree with it, but it does traipse into an area that I wouldn’t be offended if a publication didn’t want to go into.

Sounds dirty and smutty and all, doesn’t it? Well, to find out whether it is or not, you’ll have to read the article to find out!

Also, while you’re here… why don’t you like Fat Boy Big Wall on Facebook. That way you won’t have any chance of missing posts like sad people would, and you’ll even get occasional bonus funny stuff. (Or important stuff, like the free Zumba every Wednesday in Rosemont.)


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