Bourbon Chase Leg 1 Done

The story is largely in the headline, eh? But the details have some interest.

I ran the lead off leg for our team, starting at 9:30 am. The leg was fairly long, about 7.1 miles, and fairly hilly. It was also absolutely gorgeous. We started at the Jim Beam distillery, and the check-in was notably good: there was a safety video we had to watch (since much of the route is on public roads next to traffic and such, and there are vans shuttling runners from one leg to their next) that was genuinely entertaining. The section aimed at runners was Hunger Games-themed, while the one aimed at drivers was Rocky themed. Well-made, funny, and a nice touch.

There was a festival that I didn’t spend any time at since we got there slightly later than intended, so after a bathroom trip I was pretty much at the starting line.

The route, as I said, was really nice. About 4 miles went through forests on a very nice trail, with fall leaves crunching underneath. The weather was great, 60ish and sunny. Plus, about halfway through the run I met up with another runner at about my pace, Kelly from the Town and Country team (my team: Excalibourbon!) and we chatted the rest of the way, which made the pain less pain-y.

Anyhow, things are in sort of a rest phase now-my next leg should be around 9pm tonight. We just finished our exchange between runner 5&6. More TK.

The entire Bourbon Chase saga:
My initial fears
Leg 1
An early photo set
Leg 2
Leg 3
The end of the race
Other amusing stuff that happened
Were those initial fears justified?



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