Bourbon chase photos so far…

I haven’t actually taken a lot of pictures. There really isn’t a huge amount of time-while one team member drives, the others drive to the next stop, which takes longer than you think-including a few minutes to clean up and use toilets and stretch, and a few minutes to warm up at the new place, and a lot of time being lost on the roads. Plus some things just don’t have enough warning to get a good shot. I’m told after my first leg the handshake/high-five I shared with my running partner was adorable, but it hasn’t been captured for posterity. Nevertheless, here’s what I’ve got so far:

 Party at the barrel factory! At Heaven Hill Distillery Bourbon Heritage Center.

Maker’s Mark is not poo.

In fact, the Maker’s Mark mash smells really good (at least relatively) and bubbles in neat ways.

I’m not the only one who cares too much about poo.

 Teammate Tahnee, slightly after her run. I tried to get her crossing the line, but it didn’t work.

The entire Bourbon Chase saga:
My initial fears
Leg 1
An early photo set
Leg 2
Leg 3
The end of the race
Other amusing stuff that happened
Were those initial fears justified?



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9 responses to “Bourbon chase photos so far…

  1. I look like a crazy drunk. Thanks for capturing that!


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