Bourbon Chase: Fears that Didn’t Pan Out

Before the Bourbon Chase, I came up with a list of fears that I was worried about. Happily, most of them didn’t pan out. Here’s the run-down.

Chafing: I had a bit, but not enough to really cause any pain. It was only even remotely noticeable after my first and longest leg, and that was only if my shirt slid across my nipple in the wrong way. Wearing compression gear did, in fact, help.

Pooping myself: I know I went on about this a lot, but I wasn’t the only one concerned. In fact, Tahnee stole some toilet paper in the event that someone had to clean up in a distant, distant stand of woods before they could be permitted back in the van. Fortunately, this didn’t happen; my compatriots and I finished the race without having soiled ourselves.

Getting sick: Fortunately, and slightly surprisingly, didn’t happen, even though…

Not sleeping: This definitely happened. I slept only a couple hours the night before my flight, since I had to be up at about 3:30 to get to the airport and I tend to sleep poorly when I’m in a non-standard situation. Then at the hotel the day before the race I also didn’t sleep well, and only managed a couple hours. During the race itself, while we had a couple stops for rest (in a park in Danville and in a high school gymnasium), I didn’t actually manage to sleep at all. I definitely under-packed; I should have brought a mat and a sleeping bag, like smarter people on my team did, although that would have required acquiring a mat and a sleeping bag.

Stinky Vans: Nothing egregious. It probably happened, and we all felt pretty disgusting by the end, but it was a gradual, get-accustomed-to-being-in-the-monkey-house situation rather than a let’s-suddenly-form-a-human-centipede one.

Moist Towlette Burn: Happily, my Wet Ones were wet but not egregiously acidic.

Bears, Angry Hillbillies, or Angry Hillbilly Bears: Apart from one adorable killer dachshund, no one tried to eat us.

Big Four Bridge

We even had the energy the next day to cross the Big Four pedestrian bridge which goes to a whole other state!

Pain: The runs actually felt pretty good. The hills were tough because I’m not used to them (they probably weren’t actually terribly difficult hills), and the third leg was tough because it was the third leg and I was pre-exhausted for it, but I was pleasantly surprised by how I held up.

Having to run an extra leg: This didn’t happen. I probably would have survived if I had been one of the ones who had to; as it was I arguably had the easiest assignment, as my total distance was only average and my legs happened at fairly easy times of the day, so I maybe should have taken on an extra short leg. But I didn’t.

Letting down my team: I hope not. My legs didn’t fall off and my pace was in line with what was projected. If I let them down, they were very kind and didn’t mention it.

Not liking bourbon: Well, it’s better than Malört.

The entire Bourbon Chase saga:
My initial fears
Leg 1
An early photo set
Leg 2
Leg 3
The end of the race
Other amusing stuff that happened
Were those initial fears justified?



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