Super-Late Goals Review

So, back in September I set my monthly goals as usual, and then did nothing with them for almost two months. Which clever readers will realize makes them somewhat less than monthly.

September turned out to be pretty awful. As did the start of October; a lot of stressful and expensive career-related asshattery happened in rapid succession, and I tend not to cope with that too well. It led to quite a mental shutdown on my part, which only really resolved itself with the Bourbon Chase.

Nevertheless: Here’s what happened.

Weight: Goal was a 252 7-day average. That wound up not happening; instead, weight went up by a pound. Weight this year has been weird: On one side, I haven’t been losing weight the way I wanted. But I also haven’t been gaining, despite how miserable a lot of things have been this year.

Hills: My goals were to do a weekly hill run and run stairs after each class at my gym. The hill runs were nearly okay—I think I missed one, in a particularly bad week, head-wise, which had the repercussion of not running at all. The stairs goal was a bit less effective; it’s hard and boring to run stairs when you’re really tired, which of course is the time you should do it, but…

Burpees: My gym did a 1,000-burpee workout at the end of September, and my goal was to not die. I didn’t die, so that’s good. There’s more to come about that.

5K: Before the Bourbon Chase, I ran the Harvest Hop 5K at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. My goal was 26:00, which I didn’t quite make—I finished in 26:09. But that was kind of miraculous—an improvement of 15 seconds over last year, and I was expecting to do far, far worse.

I’m not sure if I’m planning to do goals for the rest of the year. I took a week off after the Bourbon Chase, since I don’t have any more events in the immediate future, and it was nice; it might be worthwhile to extend the rest for a little while while I figure out my plans for next year. I kind of doubt it, but I might do a set of goals that run to the end of the year. But we shall see…


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