2016 Goals

The second of my three New Year’sy posts is going to focus on my goals for (roughly) the year. Last year I did these monthly, which sort of worked. Definitely I do better with some goals on the books—I didn’t for the last two months of the year and, yug. But I’m not sure if monthly is the ideal way for them to break down. That’s both because it’s not always clear what’s realistic to happen in a month, and because when I didn’t meet monthly goals, they just sort of disappeared.

So instead I’ll do a massive list of all of the goals I can think of, and go from there. I’ll still follow up on them monthly, because I know that’s the most exciting part of this website. That’s despite the fact that I won’t be actively working on all of them at once—that’s simply not practical. And some of them simply aren’t practical, even in a year’s time. But I’ve adjusted for that in my head, so it’s okay.

Fitness goals
These are kind of weird in that they’re relatively connected—just about all of them will become a lot more feasible as my weight decreases. Also, some of them have incremental goals to meet on the way that I’m not describing here just to keep the list a bit more reasonable. In no particular order, they are:

  • Weight of 200
  • Kick into a handstand
  • Do the gym’s monkey bars down and back without stopping
  • Do the gym’s monkey bars one way swinging every other rung
  • Do a sloth walk the full length of the gym’s monkey bars
  • 10 consecutive pull-ups (4 currently)
  • 10 consecutive double-unders while jumping rope (2 currently)
  • 50 consecutive push-ups
  • 100 consecutive sit-ups
  • 200 consecutive squats
  • Complete a muscle-up on the gym’s monkey bar rig (I can currently do when aided from a 30-inch box)
  • Complete a dip
  • Hurdle the yellow thingy. (The “Yellow Thingy” is a device at my gym that is basically an upside-down squared-off U-shaped bar with feet—we often use them for inclined pull-ups, but recently one of the trainers has been using them as an added wrinkle in suicide sprints, where we can either hurdle them or crawl under. They have a name—it’s something like “Excelerator” or “Excalibur,” and the trainers use it all the time, and I’ve never managed to remember what it is. It’s about 28 inches tall.)
  • Do 30-inch box jumps
  • Row 500 meters in 1:30
  • Run a 5K in 25 minutes
  • Do a no-burpee Sprint run
  • Climb the rope in a Spartan race (I can do it in the gym, but not mud-coated)
  • Climb the 8-foot wall in a Spartan race (I can do a 6-footer, but I’d like to complete the obstacle that gave the blog the name)
  • Complete a pistol squat
  • Complete a 1-armed push-up
  • Complete a 1-armed pull-up
  • Complete an unassisted roll-up sit-up (to standing)
  • Stair climb challenge: This is one I don’t have a specific goal yet. I’m planning to do the stairs at my gym (8 flights, from basement to 7) 3 times and time it. Since I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t have a current time, or a goal.
  • Bouldering: Complete V2s at First Ascent Uptown. (I’ve only been there once and did V0s and a couple V1s.)
  • Complete 8 events—OCRs or other races—this year.
  • Do the splits.

General life goals
These are a bit more interesting, actually, even though they’re less relevant to the focus of this site.

  • Get a new job. The biggie. When this happens (I really hope “when” is the right word), I think everything else gets a lot easier. I should state that my job isn’t actually bad; it’s just not the right situation for me. The badness of that situation, and specifically the isolation of working alone, at home, where I live, alone, and recreate, alone, makes it a lot harder to resist the temptations that sabotage my other goals.
  • Create daily. After working out, creating (generally writing, though a few other things that I do qualify) is the best thing I’ve found to help me regulate my mood. For the purposes of this goal, I want to be creating at least 30 minutes a day—which doesn’t include the writing that I do for my job, and also doesn’t include things like editing or administration or planning stuff that is important but that are also easy to use to procrastinate instead of creating.
  • Finish major projects. There are four big ones—let’s just call them out as books—that are in various stages that I want to complete and submit for publication. Priority #1 is Dad’s Little Book of Rage, which… well, it’s hard to describe the status of. I mean, the first draft is written, and I’m pretty happy with it—but it also requires illustration, which is a realm that I don’t have any kind of understanding of. I’m illustrating it using South Park-style construction paper collage, which feels appropriate for it. That was coming along quickly, but lately I’ve started doing much more elaborate pieces. (Making a chain-link fence out of construction paper is a pain in the ass.) My best guess is that I’m about 30% done with the illustrations, but who actually knows? After that one, projects in the works in some order are Uncle Greg’s Guide to Uncling, Wormhole Village, and Solo Fondue Party.
  • Cook more. This is tricky—since I live alone, cooking from scratch usually means having 4-6 days of leftovers, which gets repetitive. Rather than specifying a number of times cooking, I’m going to set a goal of adding 12 recipes to my repertoire this year.

Excited yet? Tomorrow I’m going to be even more navel-gazy and write about the state of this site, in a probably futile attempt to define its mission and scope and other buzzwords. Stay tuned!


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