Wisdom, Some of Which May Be Applicable in the OCR World

I’m a person who’s alive and who has a blog. That means that I’m smart and I have wisdom to share, dammit. And some of it is directly relevant to obstacle course racing, or at least tangentially related. Or at least sort-of tangentially related to the unctiousness that can periodically characterize the online obstacle course racing community. Or whatever. Here’s the start of it:


If you don’t math like I math: The difference between kale and spinach is less than the difference between spinach and marshmallow. OK, maybe for one of the world’s greatest athletes you need to get to that level of detail. But for the rest of us, eating right involves generally eating right. And after that, get over yourself.

Inspirational speaker

I’ve previously mentioned how much inspiration pisses me off. Consider this a follow-up: Motivational speakers, and other “motivational” things, care about short-term attitudes, rather than results. They suck. Avoid them.

Exclamation pointsJust a grammatical peeve of mine. Although “peeve” is a bit of an exaggeration—pet peeves are usually really stupid. But exclamation points usually indicate bullshit, so don’t use them.

Writer's Digest covers
I actually wanted to do this with Men’s Health, but it’s hard to unpack all of the different national editions. Also, they seem to be on a 2-year schedule, alternating between “Your Best Body Ever!” and “Get Back in Shape!” Exclamation point!

Strawman arguments

If you debate, debate better.

Image sources (all public domain, Creative Commons, or used under Fair Use):
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Trump: Gage Skidmore, https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/5440384453
Scarecrow: AdinaVoicu, https://pixabay.com/en/scarecrow-east-cloud-sky-straw-884844/



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