Goal Update: I Guess I’m in Training Now

February went well.

I didn’t complete any goals, but there were sudden, almost disconcerting, bouts of progress on a lot of them. I think that might be because this month is when I started registering for races for the year, which starts to make it all real, so there was a bit more motivation to eat right and work out. More eating right than training, really, but still.

Some highlights:

Weight: My weight (on a 7-day average basis) dropped 7 pounds, which isn’t bad.

Climbing: This was the really weird one. I have not been climbing well this year at all. Then, about a week ago, things started clicking—there were about 8 problems that I’ve been trying and not been able to do, and I finished all of them over the course of a couple climbing sessions. And I even flashed (climbed the first time I tried it) a V1, which is above what I can typically do. (Although I might not have; I reached the top grip but it’s possible I was meant to grab the top of the physical wall to finish it, which I didn’t do. It was also a pretty short problem, but I’m still counting it as a win.) In fact, I’m sort of unsure of what I need to be working on next—there are only a couple that I’ve been working on that I can’t now do, so I need to figure out the next routes that I’m want to work on.

Trader Joe's Pesto and Quinoa

Trader Joe’s makes things seem practical that may not be.

Cooking: I added another recipe to the repertoire, Chicken Pesto Quinoa. Although I don’t recommend doing what I did, which is buying pesto mixed with quinoa and using it as the pesto. Just get regular pest.

Handstands: My gym’s got a class that I’ve dubbed “the weird shit workouts.” It entails a lot of quadripedal movement, inversions, jumping, and other nontraditional gym movements. I still can’t do a handstand, and I don’t know how close I am, but I definitely got better.

Running: Not really a goal, but the weather was decent for a couple weekends so I got started on training running a bit earlier than I expected. In 2 runs I’m up to 10 minutes of running endurance without any real difficulty. As I recall, last year it took a few weeks of running before I was able to get any kind of endurance at all. Based on the early runs, I’m planning to get up to a 5K in probably 3 or 4 runs and then build from there.

More weird stuff: The weird shit workout has included a few other things I’ll be incorporating into my goals. One of them is an upside-down pull-up: swinging your body up inside the bar and then doing a pull-up with your legs up and your head down. The other is jumping from monkey bar to monkey bar, rather than swinging—I actually managed a couple of these, but I think more are feasible.

(Edited to add) Stair Climb Challenge: This changed a bit. I originally planned to do a timed stair climb, three times at my gym (21 flights total) as a progress indicator. But that never wound up happening, since just climbing stairs is boring. But one of the trainers at my gym developed another one that fits well: a combination of rowing and stair climbs that totaled 3,000 meters rowing and 20 flights of stairs. My baseline time for that was 19:22; the goal I created after that is 19:00.

Creation: Dad’s Little Book of Rage is going well; I’m up to 43 of an estimated 49 pictures done. Well, “done.” A lot of them need some additional bits that I’ll be adding, or they’ll need some pretty significant changes because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to make things when I started and they need to be brought in line with how I’m doing them now. Still, several I’m pleased with. Or annoyed by. (I don’t know why WordPress isn’t letting me rotate them, so sorry about that.) Anyhow, the creation streak is at 65 days and counting.


Trader Joe’s makes things seem practical that may not be.


A rare four-panel image, involving parkour, watermelons, and persimmon attacks.

Tiger getting tranquilized

Some main characters fantasize about being tigers getting hunted.


It’s a pain in the ass to try to make a construction-paper replication of a stained-glass window of Jesus, with a corpse’s disembodied head being kicked through his stomach.



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  1. Your construction paper (is that the right word?) skills are on fleek.


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