Goal Update: A Dark Month

March sucked for me. The black dog latched onto my neck for most of the month and things were just generally unpleasant.

The sort-of good news to come out of that is that I think I rode things out OK. I mean, not OK, three weeks being stuck is three weeks being stuck, but I don’t think I went too far backwards. For example, some specific goal highlights:

Weight: No loss this month, but surprisingly no gain. That’s largely because the last week or so I’ve been coming out of the funk, but I’ll take it.

Rowing: My 500 meters in 1:30 goal was not my top priority when I set it earlier this year—my gym has rowers that we use a fair amount, but they’re generally one part of a bigger class. Then, lo and behold, it introduced a dedicated rowing class at a time that works well for me taught by an instructor who really knows his stuff (not that any of the instructors there don’t) and whose style fits what I need really well. Anyhow, one day 500 meter sprints were on the docket, and I did one in 1:32.6, about 4 seconds faster than my previous best. My hunch is that there’s a bit more speed in me—I wasn’t entirely fresh for that sprint and I went out a bit too fast, so 1:30 might actually be feasible.

Creation: The bad news is, the streak ended at 77 days. The good news is, it ended because I got Dad’s Little Book of Rage to a draft stage. As in, I’ve got people looking at it to give me their thoughts. So I can forgive a bit of pause, although while that’s happening, I need to start on other projects. Even though I’ll have to pause them to incorporate my readers’ notes. But that’s okay. I’ve got several candidates—Wormhole Village is the one that I think is going to be my main focus, although we’ll have to see how that goes. I mean, I like the idea, but execution is always a lot more important.

Running: I don’t have a specific goal for running, but my training seems to be going better than it was at this point last year. Weather hasn’t been great so I’ve run fewer times than I should have, but my last run was 6K in 32:09, which, while a bit slower than my race pace, is a fast pace for me for training.

Handstands: I’m still not there yet, but people who watch me try handstands are annoyed by how close I am, so that’s something. Being upside down still gets me a bit panicky.


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