Goal Update: Was May Quiet or Loud?

The answer is, I don’t have a clue.

It was an eventful month, what with my second OCR of the year (and first where I was running with an eye toward doing it as quickly as possible). Almost immediately after that was another bit of travel, which lasted only two days but required two weeks of preparation and a couple solid days of recovery and which could be wholly lifechanging (and could be wholly depressingly life-keeping-the-same, depending on results that I won’t know for several weeks). So it’s been a month of high anxiety and high anticipation.

The goal front has been quiet, although there’s some good stuff buried under it. To wit:

Weight: The good news is, I’m at lows for the year, with my 7-day average down about 3 pounds from the last month. There’s some slight concern because the month as a whole was pretty lousy and the drop came entirely in the last week or so, but I shan’t complain.

Running: Even though I don’t have any specific goals for running apart from “run enough so I can run in races,” this is an area that’s going distressingly well. Last week I did a 5K training run in 26:37. That’s not a personal record but it is the fastest I’ve ever done a training run by a pretty long ways. It’s not really isolated; my training times have seemed to be faster this year than last. That’s pretty weird, because I’ve done less running training this year than last and I absolutely haven’t been feeling good while running. Confusing.

Monkey Bars: Well, not actually. One of the classes I take is the Weird Shit Workout (not its actual name) that involves all sorts of strange and hard and funky forms of movement. One of the more normal (though still not super-common at my gym) is upside-down pull-ups. From day one I’ve been able to do at least a few, but getting into the position was always tough—I’ve been able to do toes-to-bars for a while now, but I couldn’t get fully upside down without stepping on the bar mid-way for support. The teacher’s been cracking down on that, and this month I’ve finally been able to do it. Sometimes, at least. I’m not 100%.

Other Weird Shit: More nerve-jangling than a new physical skill: yesterday in said Weird Shit Workout we did a variation of box jumps with a Bosu on the box. Which I did, a couple times, and had several bails. The height was probably not much more than what I normally do (which, for all you accountants out there, is 24 in.; we put the Bosus on the 20-in. side of the box) but the apparent (but not really actual) instability was terrifying.

Climbing: There was a V2 that I made really good progress on, completing several tough swinging moves at the bottom but ending a move or two short of the top. Then I lost two weeks of climbing, and the route’s been re-set, so no more. (Also, in that two weeks, I seem to have lost every shred of ability I ever had, and that was never much!)

Pistol Squats: This is something I added to my goal list as an idea without any immediate expectation of putting much work into it. But one of the classes that I take regularly involves 1-legged burpees, which (if done at the hardest level) starts with a pistol squat. I’m not there yet, but I feel like I’m actually getting better, which is pleasing. This is also a class that usually has a crow pose section; that’s also showing improvement (or, at least, was; a 2-week gap seemingly erased all progress I made ever, but I’m hoping that was just rust on the first day back.)

This month has one or maybe two (or maybe 1.5) OCRs. The one is the Spartan Super in Chicago. The half or one depends on the precise schedule of a freelance gig I have at the end of the month; it’s a local one, the Winnetka Superhero Dash, which is mostly a 5K but it’s got a few additional obstacles or activities, plus it’s close enough to bike to. We shall see.



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