Let’s Get Ironic with Running!

So, yesterday was Global Running Day.

Now, I don’t particularly care about such things. It’s a made-up event (although, as British comedian David Mitchell once noted, all events are made-up) that doesn’t actually have any meaning to meaning. Whoever made it up (which, as it turns out, is New York Road Runners) do it for their cause, or attention, or to give themselves and others something to talk about (a legitimate concern for publications that have to constantly be talking, regardless of whether they have anything to say, and yes I’m resembling that remark there) but that’s fine. Lots of people say and do things that I don’t pay attention to.

But I did happen to notice Global Running Day, and yes I took part.

Not because it was Global Running Day; just because Wednesday is my normal long run. (10K in 53:50, which is certainly the fastest I’ve done that length, although I’ve not done that length all that often.

The ironicy bit goes to a similar, equally made-up event: Bike-to-Work Day. Which isn’t exactly a day, but one of several depending on where you live, and more recently I think it’s been a full week (at least in Chicago) but that’s not the point.

I don’t currently bike to work, since it’s literally impossible. (Not in the sense that I can’t bike; in the sense that I work in my living room, and my bike lives in my apartment complex’s laundry room, so it’s impossible for me to ride my bike and get any closer to my office than I already am.) But, when I worked outside of my home, I was a bike commuter, on a schedule that ranged from a couple times a year (when I lived 30 miles from my company) to nearly daily (when I lived 3-5 miles away from the office.) I was at least an occasional bike commuter for about 12 years.

And yet, I managed to never ever bike to work on bike-to-work day.

Again, not intentionally; either I had a repair to make that I didn’t get to in time, or the weather was bad, or I was tired and chose not to. Whatever.

So despite genuinely liking biking and regularly performing the activity that inspired a dedicated day for it over more than a decade, I never participated in its dedicated day, but having only been running for three years, and only tolerating the activity, I’ve managed to participate in its dedicated day the first time I heard about it.

Tie me up and call me Dave Coulier, because Alanis Morrisette wrote a song about me.



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