OCR (sort of) Liveblog: DRX-Games

 6:25: After a surprisingly challenging start to the day, I’m off. I slept extremely poorly last night, couldn’t find my bug spray this morning, and missed the train by less than half a minute. (Literally: got to the platform as it was pulling out of the station.) opted to take a bus downtown to meet up with the rest of my group-it runs express most of the way, and winds up closer to the meeting point than the train, so it may turn out ok.

Also, I do need to figure out where we’re meeting…

8:20: en route, we see a car nearly run off the road by another one. Then, we take the wrong exit. Not a big deal, since it was at the interstate interchange; we just had to do the full cloverleaf…

9:44: we’ve arrived and gotten the lay of the land. They had some spears available to practice throwing. My hit from last week made me overconfident because I hit none of them.


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