New Year, New Goals

Well, sort of. I still need to work out my grand overall big picture goals, but I’ve at least put together some priorities for this month.

Sanity: This will be a tricky one. My day job is going to be super-busy this month, with lots of deadlines in a tight batch and lots of people who I need to reach who don’t need to be reached by me. I’ve also got a couple of significant freelance projects lined up, which is great but doesn’t reduce stress. And then I’ve got my own writing projects, which are speculative but promising; they don’t have deadlines but I don’t want to lose momentum.

Weight: I’m at 268 this morning; 2016 was a bad year for that (and everything else in the universe). Goal will be 260 by the end of the month.

Laches: I finally learned the name of that thing where you jump from bar to bar. I can currently do 5 of them consecutively on the monkey bars in my gym. (I’m about as graceful as a hippo doing laches, but then again, it’s pretty remarkable to see a hippo doing laches, so I don’t think I need to feel bad about that.) Ultimately I’d like to be able to do the full 25-bar rig, but as a preliminary goal I want to work up to 10. (Even though I have a feeling that with this one it will happen all at once; my issue right now is that I can do the jump but my momentum is completely gone when I do, so it takes a lot of effort and a lot of wear on the hands to get going again.)

Handstand: I’m getting pretty comfortable with the handstand kickup that I finally got in about August of last year, so now I’m working toward a free-standing one. I’m not sure how far I am from this one; there are times when I feel like I’m close and then times when I feel like it’s hopeless. I don’t have a great sense of where my body is when I’m upside down, which helps to make it tricky.

Writing: As noted above, I’ve got a couple of speculative but promising writing projects. One, a nonfiction book for children, is especially exciting in a career sense; I think it has potential to become a series, and I’ve talked to the subject for this specific entry and she’s interested. Of course, that means that in addition to actually writing the thing I need to start looking for representation and making a plan to actually sell it. January’s going to be rough for that but I want to at least begin the transition from planning to setting up necessary interviews and doing hard research into agents and the publishing side of it.

The second, an adult humor book (as in, humor book for adults, not book of adult humor), is complex in a different way. I’ve actually done a fair amount of work on it, but there’s also a lot of that work that is no good. So I need to figure out what to keep, what to edit, what to throw out, what new stuff to write, and get a firm plan for completing it.

Man, January looks tiring.


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