Cardamom Watch

Current Cardamom Status (3/10/15):

Cardamom Jar

Cardamom status as of March 10, 2015.

Total consumption so far: Perhaps 2 teaspoons in Chicken Massalé, pea soup, and dashes to unrelated recipes.

What is this page?

As detailed in my Chicken Massalé adventure, I committed myself to making a new recipe which included a fair number of spices, including cardamom—which represents the first time I ever purchased cardamom. It was pricey: the smallest quantity I could purchase at my grocery store was $15.

So, I’ve set a challenge: Use the rest of the fricking cardamom. And this page will document it.

I’m sure it will be riveting.


2/13: Used several small sprinkles in a not-terribly-successful attempt to spice up reheated vegetables.

2/19: Added about 3/4 teaspoon to a batch of homemade split pea soup. Impact was unclear.

3/10: I’ve added a few dashes of cardamom to a few dishes, with limited impact on taste.

3/21: Added two shakes to a sweet potato, apple, and sausage hash. I didn’t particularly notice it. I’m starting to think I’m pretty indifferent to cardamom.

Prior photos:

Cardamom Watch as of 2-10-15

February 10, 2015.


3 responses to “Cardamom Watch

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  2. Patricia Ann Spensley

    I admire your tenacity for uncovering the qualities of cardamom to enhance your cooking repertoire.


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