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Surviving Your Non-OCR Family at Holidays

If you want a comedic guide to surviving the holidays with family who are judgmental about OCR… well, you’ll have to look elsewhere. At Obstacle Racing Media, specifically, because they’ve just published a post that I wrote about exactly that topic. (Illustrated by amazing public domain photos of mold, impalement injuries, and magical fairies!) Check it out.

Magical fairy

This magical fairy, specifically.

And, if you’re here from Obstacle Racing Media, welcome! Hope you enjoy the place. I try to be weird, funny, and occasionally well-reasoned. Check out the OCR drinking game; people seem to like that. I’d also encourage you to subscribe, or follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook. (I’m really desperate to be liked.)


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Adventuring for Science

I’ve done a bit more writing for another site that’s related to obstacle course racing. Well, not directly related. Sort of extremely vaguely related, in that people who like to do OCR might have some interests that sort of align with the topic of this post.

Would you like me to get to the point?

Citizen Science Guide for Families cover

My friends expressed confusion at the cover, because they did not believe I was actually a young Asian girl. I tried to explain that that’s not how book covers work. They didn’t believe me.

The post, “Adventuring for Science,” is live on Sportody, which I have written for before. The post is about citizen science, which (curiously enough) is also the subject of the book I wrote. (Rated 5 stars on Amazon!) Citizen science, broadly, is any science conducted in part or completely by nonprofessional scientists. Most (though not all) modern citizen science is organized by professional scientists into specific projects that welcome interested amateurs to contribute to data collection. (Or, in some cases, data analysis, although that’s less outdoor-related and more sit-at-a-computer-related and therefore of less interest to the post.)

There are a lot of projects related to ecology or environmental monitoring—studying populations of various animals (or sometimes plants or fungi or other organisms) that is easier to do with a lot of sets of eyes and can be accomplished without doctoral-level knowledge.

There are a huge number of projects out there, so if there’s something that’s interesting to you, you can probably find someone who’s looking for help studying. But there’s a bit of a subniche that targets extreme athletes: While many projects can be done more-or-less anywhere, there are also projects that are studying things in hard-to-reach areas (mountaintops, underwater, deep woods, etc.) that need volunteers who can also do the mountain-climbing or scuba-diving or long hikes to get there.

If you’re interested, I hope you’ll take a look.

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10 Reasons to Try an OCR

My monthly goal wrap-up/setting post is coming, when I get some energy (I’ve had a bit of a bug this week, or I’m whining about the megaheat, or something). But in the meantime, here’s a post that I wrote for Sportody on 10 reasons to try an obstacle course race. #10 is unusually sentimental for me.

#8, meanwhile, I’m surprised stayed in. It did get edited slightly—I had a note about feeling free to enjoy the view, as long as you do so in a non-creepy way, which got cut (with my full support). But I wrote it expecting to be asked to replace it, and I even offered to in my submission. Not that I disagree with it, but it does traipse into an area that I wouldn’t be offended if a publication didn’t want to go into.

Sounds dirty and smutty and all, doesn’t it? Well, to find out whether it is or not, you’ll have to read the article to find out!

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