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I Wanna Punch Like Elena Kagan

I just finished reading The Notorious RBG, and one of the passages that most struck me was this:

Notorious RBG

Okay, I recognize that it’s a bit weird to focus on a passage about Elena Kagan’s workout routine in a book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s far from the only section I found interesting (I quite liked much of it, and in ways that I didn’t expect), but it’s the most interesting bit that’s relevant to the subject of this site, so there you go.

The reason for my intriguery is that boxing is something I do. It’s not my main workout thing, certainly, but it’s a weekly session I really enjoy. And now… I really want to incorporate the Kagan Combination.

Unfortunately, the book didn’t specify what the Kagan Combination is, and I couldn’t find it online either. I’ve asked the authors at the Notorious R.B.G. Tumblr, but as of yet no answer. Hopefully, soon. Because I want to fight like a Supreme Court justice.


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